Call for Nominations (2019)

Call for nominations for the AONSA Prize 2019 has started.  The deadline is September 27, 2018.  Details have been already sent to the presidents of member associations.


The AONSA Prize 2017: Prof. Nobuo Niimura

  • The 4th AONSA  Prize (2017) awarded to Professor Nobuo Niimura at a Prize Ceremony held during the ICNS-2017,  Daejeon, Korea.

The AONSA Prize 2015: Prof. John William White

The 3rd AONSA  Prize (2015) awarded to Professor White at a Prize Ceremony held during the 2nd AOCNS (July 19-23, 2015) in Manly/Sydney, Australia.

The AONSA Prize 2013: Prof. Anantha Dasannacharya

The 2nd AONSA Prize (2013) was awarded to Prof. Anantha Dasannacharya at an Award Ceremony held in July 2013 during the ICNS meeting in Edinburgh.

The AONSA Prize 2011: Prof. Noboru Watanabe

The 1st AONSA Prize (2011) was awarded to Prof. Noboru Watanabe at an Award Ceremony held on Nov. 23, 2011 during the 1st AOCNS in Japan.

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