AONSA Neutron Schools

The AONSA Neutron Schools provide training for newcomers to neutron scattering across the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, materials science and more. As well as lectures, they include practical sessions with hands-on experiments and data analysis. All neutron techniques are generally covered, notably powder diffraction, single-crystal diffraction, strain scanning, small-angle scattering, reflectometry, inelastic and quasielastic scattering.

Current AONSA Neutron School

12th AONSA Neutron School (November 7-12, 2022 at CSNS, China, and Online/Zoom)

Past AONSA Neutron Schools

Kaeri Logo

11th AONSA Neutron School (August 19-23, 2019 at KAERI, Korea)

Australia ansto

10th AONSA Neutron School (November 12-16, 2018 at ANSTO, Australia)

 Japan J-PARC

9th AONSA Neutron School / 2nd Neutron and Muon School (November 16-20, 2017 at J-PARC, Japan)

India BARC

8th AONSA Neutron School (November 15-19, 2016 at BARC, India) 

Japan J-PARC

7th AONSA Neutron School (December 1-5, 2015 at J-PARC, Japan) 

Indonesia BATAN

6th AONSA Neutron School (October 12-17, 2014 at BATAN, Indonesia)

Japan J-PARC

6th AONSA Neutron School (June 17-20, 2013 at J-PARC, Japan) Cancelled

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China Peking_University

5th AONSA Neutron School (October 23-28, 2012 at Peking University, China)

Australia ansto

4th AONSA Neutron School (November 12-17, 2011 at ANSTO, Australia)

India BARC

 3rd AONSA Neutron School (October 4-9, 2010 at BARC, India)

Australia ansto

 2nd AONSA Neutron School (August 16-21, 2009 at ANSTO, Australia)


1st AONSA Neutron Summer School (August 18-23, 2008 at KAIST, Korea)

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